• Oar Canoe Rowing Bangle, Oar Canoe Rowing Charm Bracelet

    $30.00 $16.49

    silver oar/paddle and kayak/canoe charm with initial letter charm and birthstone on an adjustable bracelet bangle. You able to choose initial and birthstone from a drop down menu

    ♥ You will receive 1 bangle

    ♥ Kayak Canoe Antique Silver 18mm(6/8") x 5mm(2/8"), Paddle/Oar Antique Silver 19mm(6/8") x 9mm(3/8")

    ♥ Initial charm 10-12 mm (3/8") choose from a drop down menu.

    ♥ Birthstone 6-8 mm. choose from a drop down menu.

    ♥ Expandable Bangle 7 4/8" **adjustable bracelet**

    ♥ Comes in a gift bag, note can be added to recipient upon request 

    ♥ Ships in 1 Business Day, but we do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays. It may sometimes take a bit longer when we have an unusually large volume of orders. Thank you for your patience!